Running Java applets

Some pages of this site, awaiting a review, contain Java applets.

In order to run these applets on your browser, you must install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which is currently distributed free of charge by Oracle.

Java applets are considered unsafe by browsers as malicious people can program applets potentially very harmful to the user. Their execution takes place only after the explicit consent of the user which is required immediately at the opening of the HTML page containing the applet.

If you believe that the page is interesting and that this site is reliable, allow the applet to run.

The Java language provides a procedure to ensure the safety of the applet, consisting of the digital signature of the same by the author; but this signature is virtually ineffective unless it is in turn guaranteed by a Certification Authority.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, Certifying Authorities recognize only officially registered companies. They do not certify the non-profit work and therefore I am not able to get a certificate.

For this reason, in my case, I feel useless even then self-signed code.

To speed up the launch of the applets of this site, in Windows operating systems, once installed JRE on your system, you can open the Java Control Panel, which in previous releases was that


In the Security section, choose the Medium level and enter the URL of my sites in the list of trusted sites.

In the most recent releases, the Medium level no longer exists and the panel looks like this


In the Security section, choose the High level and enter the URL of my sites in the Exception site list.

Unfortunately, Chrome, Firefox and Safari don't like Java. So, if you want see my applets, you must use IE.

When you exit from my pages, you can reopen the Java Control Panel and reset the security level to Very High.


Roberto Bigoni

Last revision: April 2017